We are glad to announce that we are the partner of the highest apiary, located on the roof of Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin.

The Urban Artistic Apiary was launched in September last year, and after winter break it is now open again. It has ecological, educational and cultural significance, and it is also rooted in century-old beekeeping traditions of Lublin region. The apiary consists of colourful hives and log hives. Apart from the apiary there’s also an urban meadow, and a fruit garden, where the bees roam. At CMC there are many events inspired by apiculture, i.e. hive-making and culinary workshops, lectures devoted to role of bees in art history, and documents or movies inspired by apian stories.

We are delighted to be the partner of these events. We hope that the CMC initiative will further promote the city and apiculture, and also popularize the knowledge of beekeeping and activate people of all ages to ecological initiatives. It will also positively influence higher consumption of honey, which is known for its beneficial effects for health and immune system.

The green rooftops are open to public 8 AM – 8 PM every day.
You are more than welcome!

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